Global Quilt seeks sponsorship in supporting the HIV/AIDS work it does throughout the world. It has developed a number of programs to assist in the annual fundraising efforts using the International AIDS Memorial Quilt around the world.  Global Quilt is an registered NGO based in the Netherlands.  Below are programs and/or sponsorships available.


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[ Care & Support Programs (Contribution of €100 to €500)
PROGRAMS:  • Care and Support Program   • Quilt Workshop Supplies

Care and Support:  This program provides transport and other essential needs for individuals in poor countries and communities who want to attend one of Global Quilt’s outreaches or panelmaking workshops.  The funds are earmarked to transport individuals to/from workshop location, and provide food.  For many, it is the only meal they have in a day.
Quilt Workshop Supplies:   Since 1999, Global Quilt and it’s partners have been going into schools, churches, and organizations in poor countries around the world assisting with panelmaking workshops.  These workshops offered, free of charge, to anyone or type of organization wishing to attend and make an AIDS Memorial Quilt to remember someone who as died from AIDS.  A donation of €100 to €500 (approx. US$120 to US$600) can help provide supplies for these workshops.  Some of these categories for support are:
   • Provide fabric and supplies for panelmaking workshops  (€200)
   • Provide fabric paint, brushes and markers  (€100)
   • Transport local PWAs to school activities  (€100)
   • Provide meals for volunteers  (€200)
   • Provide venue for workshop  (€200)

School Programs (Contribution of €500 to €1,000 (euros))
PROGRAMS:  • HIV/AIDS Education  • Quilt Display  • Awareness  • Internet Research

Provided below are different programs in which a donation of €500 to €1,0000 (approx. US$600 to US$1,200) can bring one of these programs to a school.
HIV/AIDS Education Program:   This program underwrites Global Quilt’s HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs to disenfranchised schools and communities throughout the world.  Global Quilt and it’s partners use different programming that is most appropriate for specific countries and communities, uses the Quilt to help students learn about HIV/AIDS, and brings information that can assist students to understand more about the disease.  In most cases students meet during this program a PWA (“person living with HIV/AIDS”) from their community. Putting a “face to HIV/AIDS” is important, especially to students who believe that “it can’t happen to me.” 
Quilt Display Program:   This program brings sections of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt from participating Quilt organizations to schools.  Not only is a display an affective educational and prevention tool, it provides a powerful message that can address issues of stigma and discrimination, and help in “breaking the silence” in communities and cultures where speaking about HIV/AIDS is “tabu”.
Awareness Program:   This program is targeted for schools to raise awareness for students about HIV/AIDS who might not know someone who has died from the disease or those who are too afraid to disclose they know someone infected or affected.  Displays the Quilt can be used to compliment a schools existing HIV/AIDS programming and give students a unique visual representation of peoples lives lost to AIDS.   Through Global Quilt’s sistering (partnering) programs, a company, church, school, or community organization from other countries can sponsor portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to a school in another country with serious problems with HIV/AIDS.
While these programs were initially developed for schools, they can also be offered to any church, business, and other organizations and companies.  Many want to raise awareness for their employees, customers, and vendors who are not necessarily involved in the HIV/AIDS arena, but are affected by the disease.
Internet Research Program:   Many schools around the world do not have libraries or much printed information about HIV/AIDS.  This program raises funds for a schools to get access to the internet, enables them to access HIV/AIDS information on the internet, and creates a way to begin a sistering/pen-pal relationship with another school from another country.  A simple church bake-sale can earn enough funds for two or more schools to have annual internet connection.

Tour Sponsor (Contribution of €1,000 (euros) and more)
PROGRAMS:  Annual School Quilt Tour  • World AIDS Day Tours  • World Quilt Tours

Provided below are different programs in which a donation of €1,000 or more (approx. US$1,200+) can support:
Annual School Quilt Tour:   Global Quilt is approached to come to a specific country with the Quilt to work specifically in schools.  Currently, through one of it’s partners, International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”), foreign volunteers join forces with local volunteers and PWAs (people with HIV/AIDS) and visit schools annual in schools located in townships outside Cape Town, South Africa.  This tour happens each year for the Ministry of Education’s AIDS Week efforts, first week of September.
Regardless of which country a tour travels, your donation helps with supplying:
   • Fabric, materials, etc. for panelmaking workshops
   • Transport and small stipends for PWAs participating
   • Provide food for volunteers each day on tour
   • Printing of curriculum for teachers and school libraries
   • Transport of International Quilt and display logistic costs
Click here for complete details about IAPI’s annual School Quilt Tour in South Africa.  

World AIDS Day Tour:   World AIDS Day, December 1st, is a day each year that is commemorated around the world.  Many Quilt affiliates work with their communities to provide portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to compliment the activities of the day.  There are, however, many countries that do not have Quilt organizations but would like to use portions of the Quilt at their events.  Your donation can support the cost to provide portions of the Int’l AIDS Memorial Quilt for their use as well as programming that might be affective and appropriate for that country.

Currently, through one of Global Quilt’s partners, International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”), an annual tour goes to countries in the Caribbean.  Portions of the Int’l AIDS Memorial Quilt are provided for displays, and panelmaking workshops are offered for visitors, participants, or local organizations that would like to learn more about the Quilt is an affect tool in HIV/AIDS outreach.
Regardless of what country, Global Quilt looks for sponsorship to help assist with the transport of a facilitator, venue, food and refreshments for those in attendance, and the cost to provide supplies for their panelmaking efforts.  Sponsorship helps support:
   • Transport Int’l AIDS Quilt for World AIDS Day tour
   • Provide fabric and supplies for panelmaking workshops
   • Provide fabric paint, brushes and markers
   • Transport local PWAs to school activities
   • Provide meals for volunteers
   • Provide venue for workshop
World Quilt Tours:   Global Quilt receives requests from around the world with interests in bringing portions of the Int’l AIDS Memorial Quilt to their city/country, as well as inform them on how they could begin a Quilt organization to assist in their HIV/AIDS efforts.  Since 1999, Global Quilt has assisted in providing portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt at international conferences, special events, and local HIV/AIDS campaign efforts around the world.
Many cities and countries can provide a portion of the costs for a Quilt display, but many do not have the ability to find corporate or event sponsors to assist in the majority of display expenses.  This is where Global Quilt tries to assist.  A tour contribution provides the necessary resources to bring the Int’l Quilt to assist countries with their HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention efforts.  Areas of assistance include but not limited to:
   • Transport expenses of the Quilt to/from a country
   • Honorarium usage for Quilt
   • Bus/transport students to attend a display
   • Volunteer and staffing (trainings, scheduling, name badges)
   • Display costs (cable ties, signage, promotion)
   • Venue costs (building, A/C, security)
   • Printing costs

Program Sponsor (Contribution of €10,000+ (euros))

PROGRAMS:  Quilt “101" HIV/AIDS Program • Int’l HIV/AIDS Conferences  • Skill-Building  • Panelmaking Workshops

Quilt “101" HIV/AIDS Program:  This Quilt curriculum-based program is a great tool in educating students about HIV/AIDS.  The lesson plan teaches students about compassion, memorial, discuss “affect vs infected”, learn how different cultures honor their dead, confidentiality, volunteering and getting involved in their community, and invite them to make an Quilt panel.  This comes with a measurable outcome assessment tool to be able to measure changes in students attitudes towards HIV/AIDS, people living with the disease, and desires to help. 
This program is available through the collaboration with International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”), and can be revised to meet specific countries needs and cultural dynamics.
International HIV/AIDS Conferences:   One of Global Quilts goals is to increase global awareness about HIV/AIDS.  Each year, more and more countries are offering HIV/AIDS conference for their region and/or country, and Global Quilt assists in bringing portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to these conferences.   These events give Global Quilt the opportunity to share program available using the Quilt, and allows others to see how the Quilt could be used in their own agency and community.
Skill-Building Program:   In an effort to support social responsibility, Global Quilt offers skill-building and capacity building workshops in conjunction with its HIV/AIDS programs.  These workshops have been developed for individuals or organizations to become self-sufficient and bring hope into their lives.  These skills can help an individual provide food for their families, pay for medical care and/or medication, or create a new career.  For organizations, the workshop provides step-by-step details on how to make their goals and dreams become realities.  The sponsorship of this program provides the costs to run the workshop, transport facilitator, and other needs such as venue (if not donated), refreshments, and supplies for workshops.  All facilitator donate their time to travel to a country.
Panelmaking Workshops:   The making of AIDS quilt panels is one of the core elements of International AIDS Memorial Quilt.  Putting memories and stories about someone lost to AIDS onto cloth can be the beginning of the healing process.  Panelmaking workshops bring individuals together who have lost someone to AIDS, and is a powerful experience for people to find solidarity and hope.  Sponsoring city and/or country-wide panelmaking workshops provide supplies, venue, facilitator, and additional HIV/AIDS support.

Event Sponsor  (Contribution of €20,000+ (euros))

Any tour or program, or sponsorship can be funded completely by one company or individual.  The entire event would take on the sponsor’s name along with Global Quilt and/or it’s partners, and name included on all printed and promotional materials.
Global Quilt helps countries create special events to enhance further HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention.  Some of these events include:  International Candlelight Vigil, Black Prayer Week (USA), dinners and fundraising events, conferences, and other HIV/AIDS awareness activities.
Click here for more information about becoming an Event sponsor. [James link entire sentence to:]

"Wish List" In-Kind Donations
Global Quilt is always looking for in-kind services and other donated items in order to keep operating costs down. If any of these items listed below are thing you would like to assist Global Quilt with on a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, please contact us at:   Some of the items in need are:

Wish List
Display needs:
 • Cable ties
 • Kleenex/tissues
 • In-kind printing for posters, handout, program
 • Bottled water
Sewing/workshop supplies:
 - Sewing machines, needles, thread, etc.
 - Sewing kits (travel size or from hotels)
 - Scissors, tape measurers, safety & straight pins
 - Heavy cotton, muslin, or canvas to cut to 1m x 2m sections
 - Fabric with themes (bears, toys, flowers, babies, etc.)
 - Felt (all colors), particularly red
 - Fabric pens (Sharpie) for lettering, write comments
 - Fabric glue, glue gun
 - Fabric paint & paint brushes
 - Notions, ric rak, bias tape, buttons, beads, lace, tassels