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If you are a city who is interested in using the AIDS Memorial Quilt in your HIV/AIDS efforts, Global Quilt wants to assist you in forming your own Quilt organization.  Whether you are an existing organization considering adding the Quilt project to your existing outreach programs, or a group of individuals who want to open a new non-profit organization, Global Quilt invites you to learn more on how to open your own Quilt organization.
How To Open A Quilt Organization
The first steps in opening a Quilt organization is determining whether its programs would be affective and relevant in assisting your HIV/AIDS community.  While arts and crafts is apart of many cultures, the usage of fabric and making “Quilts” could be something that is unfamiliar and would need to be discussed how to bridge this possible gap in customs.
If you are an existing organization and wanting to add the Quilt as a new program, you’ll need to determine how it will compliment your current efforts, and how it can increase your efforts.  If you are a new group wanting to open a new organization, you will need to determine if you have a strong enough group that is dedicated to work as a team in developing a new organization.  Many countries already have Quilt organizations, and in most cases all-volunteer based. 
Funding is an important issue that any organization wanting to open a Quilt organization.  Global Quilt does not promote itself as an organization that can fund the opening or sustainable income for a new Quilt organization.  If you are an existing organization, adding the Quilt project to your organization's annual budget will be less work than opening a new organization, and it could assist in finding new types of funding for your organization.  We encourage any group to research possible resources for funding, whether they are in-kind donations, or financial support.
Partners and Collaboration
One of the most important factors in opening a Quilt organization is to work with other HIV/AIDS organizations in your community and share the programs you develop.  If your group already has ties to the HIV/AIDS community, it is important to develop your Quilt organization so that the Quilt programs compliment existing organizations.
Opening a new Quilt organization will require a group of dedicated individuals, whether staff or volunteers, to make it successful.  Global Quilt would like to assist you.  Contact us at: