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 • International AIDS Prevention Initiative
 • Sizwe Sonke Quilting Project of South Africa
 • Global Network of PWAs
 • Jamaican Network of PWAs

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Global Quilt Organizations
Global Quilt encouraged organizations to use the International Quilt to assist them in their HIV/AIDS efforts.  Many of these organization participate in Global Quilt’s global displays and “loan” portions of their respective countries to help in Global Quilt’s efforts to increase global awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Below are countries that Global Quilt and International AIDS Prevention Initiative work with in its displays, panelmaking programs, HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention efforts, and offer technical assistance in social responsibility aims.

For details from each country, please click link of country of interest and you will be directed to information regarding them, programs involved with, and other details about organization.

International AIDS Prevention Initiative
International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”), formerly The NAMES Project New York City, was initially opened to reach New York City's own HIV/AIDS population. As New York is the epicenter of HIV/AIDS in the United States, the idea of initially sistering African communities with African-Americans to help assist in prevention/education efforts became a successful partnership.  This success has inspired work in the Caribbean, Latin America, Russia, and countries that reflect New York's multi-cultural population.

The organization has expanded its work to other HIV/AIDS high-risk cities within the USA, and develops partnerships with organizations working with disenfranchised populations and their native countries.  IAPI developed many of the programs used by its international partners.  It will continue to manage these programs and offer programs to USA partners. In collaboration with Global Quilt, it hopes to continue to create and expand new programs for international countries in need.


Sizwe Sonke Quilting Project of South Africa
The Sizwe Sonke Quilting Project of South Africa ("Sizwe Sonke Quilting Project") was founded in 1989 by Carroll Jacobs.   Initially interest in panelmaking and HIV/AIDS was very slow.  With the technical and financial support of International AIDS Prevention Initiative ("IAPI"), Sizwe Sonke Quilting Project has become an NGO (non-profit) in South Africa, with a dedicated all-volunteer board, donated office space, an alliance of committed schools, churches, organizations, and volunteers.  The organization offers panelmaking workshops, and provides outreach presentations in schools, churches, PWA support groups, and communities at-large throughout the Western Cape (one providence in South Africa).
Through these workshops, presentations, and displays Sizwe Sonke has been instrumental in educating South Africans about HIV/AIDS.  The organization wanted to develop additional programs to educate, empower, and provide ways to learn about healthy-living choices.  Sizwe Sonke continues to grow fulfilling its goals as it fine-tunes its programs.


Global Network of PWAs
Global Network of PWA (“GNP+”) is the non-profit NGO, based in the Netherlands.  It has been instrumental in helping Global Quilt and International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”) to provide portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt at International AIDS Conferences in Durban, South Africa in 2000, Barcelona, Spain in 2002, and Bangkok, Thailand in 2004.  GNP+ co-hosts HIV/AIDS global conferences, and Global Quilt will continue to work with this organization to provide portions of the International Quilt at it’s conferences.


Jamaican Network of PWAs
Jamaican Network  (“JN+”) is the organization that Global Quilt and International AIDS Prevention Initiative has partnered with to introduce the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to this country.  Through the support group for  PWA (People living with AIDS) in Kingston, Jamaica, portions of the International Quilt has been on display at World AIDS Day events since 2000.  Workshops to make panels have also been taking place for the creation of new panels.  While the Quilt’s remain under the ownership of JN+, the organization kindly offers their panels to Global Quilt and IAPI to tour with throughout the world.  With their partnership with Jamaican Red Cross, all organizations continue to assist in awareness, education, prevention, and issues surround stigma and discrimination throughout the country.

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If you would like to view the AIDS Memorial Quilt from around the world, Global Quilt has provided links to the following countries that have their Quilts available on-line.