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Sistering (twinning, partnerships)
One of Global Quilt’s goals is to effectively link International Quilt organizations throughout the world to a global sistering program and provide information exchange, programs, and technical assistance.  Sistering begins with an individual, organization, church, classroom or school who want to assist countries who have a serious HIV/AIDS situation, and have a successful program (buddy, food, skill-building, ministry, etc.) that they would like to share. 

In every case, potential partners need to fund their own program expenses of transporting its staff and/or volunteers, have or create a training program, and plan on how the program will allow the country in mind to eventually empower them to be self sustaining in the future.

Partnering was first introduced by NAMES Project at the 1999 National Chapter Conference of then Quilt chapters.  Founder Cleve Jones asked chapters to share their efforts with International Quilt Affiliates and others.  This sistering/twinning concept was again approached at the 2000 International AIDS Conference in Durban, So. Africa by Danny Glover to HIV/AIDS agencies, organizations, and individuals.  Global Quilt learned of both of these events and adopted the sistering concept to become one of its key missions of the organization in its social responsible global efforts. Sistering begins with a written proposal and submitted to Global Quilt outlining the program, funding, commitment, and time-line proposed.  Global Quilt looks first at countries it is already working in, and determines if the sistering program and assistance being offered compliments Global Quilt’s mission and the needs of a country.  Most use the internet initially to begin sharing ideas, and if this proves to be a productive effort, they choose to travel to the country.