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Volunteer Opportunities In Your Community
Giving of an individuals time as a volunteer is a key element of social responsibility.  Global Quilt uses volunteers with its HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention efforts around the world.  There are a number of specific volunteer tasks associated with the creating, displaying, and outreaches with the Quilt.  In addition, there are other ways in which you can volunteer in your community to assist with the needs of HIV/AIDS.
Whether you decided to volunteer and organize a Global Quilt panelmaking workshop at your church, school, organization, work with people living with HIV/AIDS (“PWA”s) at a local HIV/AIDS agency, or becoming an advocate for improving standards of health or access to medicines, all of these are ways to volunteer.  And the amount of time you give can vary from a project-based activity to a weekly or monthly task.  Whatever type of task you choose to volunteer, Global Quilt wants it to be a positive and memorable experience.
Administrative opportunities in Netherlands, New York, or California
Global Quilt is an all-volunteer organization including administrative staff.  It finds in-kind space to run workshops, trainings, and store portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt.  Each location has different needs and time requirements.
For those living near Amsterdam, New York City, or Los Angeles, the organization has specific needs and tasks for volunteers.  Many of these needs do not necessarily have to be done at Global Quilt’s office, but living close to the offices is helpful.  Some of these volunteer opportunities include but not limited to:
Global Quilt has board consisting of members from each continent in the world.  The board receives requests for services from the organization, and needs individuals to volunteer in committees to organize outreaches, tours, sewing, and other programs.  Some of the basic committees are described below.
Tour Committee
Global Quilt, in collaboration with it’s partners, develop tours using the Int’l Quilt throughout the world.  Whether it is displays at International AIDS conference and/or workshop, educational tour in schools, or using the Quilt to assist in HIV/AIDS efforts, all require committees to plan a tour.  This committee works on specific tours, solicit international volunteers to participate in the tour, manage logistics, and organize panelmaking and/or skill-building workshops being offered a particular tour.
Programming & Evaluation
School-related Quilt programs have an optional pre and post-evaluation component available to provide measurable outcome assessment for students surrounding HIV/AIDS.  This committee position entails coordinating questionnaires in appropriate languages, distribution of questionnaires with tours, collect data, and prepare the results.  A knowledge and assess to SPSS is helpful.
Grant Research & Writing
Global Quilt is always looking for partners and collaborators to help with the funding its programs.  Many times these funds can be found through grants.  This Committee is involved with researching and find appropriate grants to fund tours, workshops, etc., and create reports for funders.  It also works closely with the Programming and Evaluation.
This committee is involved with assistance panelmaking workshops in individual countries, and facilitating the sewing panels together for usage within each respective country and around the world.  Global Quilt looks at ways to teach the skill of sewing to countries and individuals who can help not only with this process of sewing panels together, but enables a skill that can be used to feed a family, purchase antiviral, etc.
If you’d like to get involved on one of these committees, or would like more information, please contact us at: volunteering@globalquilt.org